4 Year Anniversary

If you had asked me prior to 2017 if I ever saw myself living in an RV I would have laughed, I am an adventurous person, but Rving was never on my radar. The closest thing to RVing I did was sleep in my Aunt and Uncle’s popup camper in their driveway when we went to visit them in Michigan, which I think we only did once, maybe twice. Lee only tent camped a few times as a kid.

4 months after Lee and I got married, we were moving into our house on wheels, not knowing where our lives would take us. We have had our fair share of challenges but we love this lifestyle.

Today, we are celebrating our 4th year of living in an RV full-time. We’ve seen the beautiful American countryside, from mountains and valleys, oceans and rivers, canyons and prairies. We have experienced the kindness of strangers, tasted some amazing food, and met great friends along the way.

In 4 years, we have owned 2 RVs, a 45ft Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler, and a 40ft Tiffin Phaeton.

Our Fifthwheel
Our Motorhome

Our Stats:

34 States

112 RV Parks

32,586 Miles Travelled

17 National Parks

2 National Memorials

9 National Historical Landmarks

1 National Historical Site

3 National Historical Places

1 National Wildlife Refuge

4 National Historical Parks

19 National Forests

2 National Grasslands

7 National Recreation Areas

10 National Monuments

25 State Parks

1 State Historical Site

2 State Memorials

9 State Beaches

49 Zoos and Aquariums

6 Caves

20 Distilleries

15 Wineries

2 Cideries

5 Breweries

Watched 2 Meteor Showers (Orionid, Perseid)

Some pictures from the past four years:

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