Lexington Horse Park

While in Lexington, KY visiting the Bourbon Trail, we stayed at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground. Lee loved the bourbon, I loved the horses. We actually changed our plans so we could arrive one day early so I could watch a Dressage Competition at the Horse Park. It was a lot of fun to see Dressage in person.

On a day when we weren’t on the bourbon trail, I went to see if I could pet some horses. I was to getting to the Police Barn as they were getting the horses ready for a training session, so I got to pet each one of their horses and get some nice pictures too. After that I visited the Championship Barn and was able to see, but not pet, 4 Champions: Go for Gin, Funny Cide, Point Given and Western Dreamer.

While there I also visited the dressage museum and the international horse museum.

Since we were staying so close to the barns, I came back for the Meet and Greet with the Champions. That was fun and I highly recommend going because the staff get the horses out so you can pet them, feed them peppermints and they tell fun stories about each horse. Go for Gin apparently loves attention and being dirty. The minute they put him in his pasture, he will roll around in the dirt, if its raining he will be standing outside while most horses head to the barn. They said this probably helped him win, because they year he ran the Kentucky Derby it was raining and the course was muddy.

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