Tunica, MS

Tunica is a small casino town in northern Mississippi just 30 minutes from Memphis. There are 6 casinos still standing of the 8 built. Lee and I agree that the developers planned for this to be a mini Vegas, but unfortunately, the people never came so some of the casinos closed. Lee and I stayed at the RV park attached to Sam’s Town Casino. Hollywood Casino also has an RV Park but it’s not as nice at the one we stayed at. Sam’s Town RV Park had nice grassy areas between each spot. Most of their sites were pull thru but they did have some back in sites. They had two dog runs, although they were small and had a cement floor…no grass for the dogs. Scarlet and Akiro did enjoy playing a bit off leash, but I used it more to brush Akiro since I could take his collar off. Sorry no pictures of the RV park. The last two days there it rained all day thanks to Tropical Storm Olga.

While in Tunica, we went to the Hollywood Café in Tunica for lunch. It’s a cute hole in the bar café and bar in the area. It’s the oldest cafe in the area. We watched the Orionid Meteor Shower. We drove to an empty casino parking lot to get away from the casino’s ambient light, when we pulled into the parking lot their was a security guard there, so we simply explained we were there for the meteor shower and he had no problems letting us stay. That night we had a perfectly clear sky, so we were able to see the meteors, which was really cool. My favorite part of Tunica was when Lee pulled over so I could pick cotton. Tunica is surrounded by cotton fields, and I wondered what raw cotton felt like, so on our way home from visiting the other casinos, Lee pulled over. So I jumped out of the car and picked a piece if cotton. Raw cotton feels like a cotton ball but with seeds.

Cotton I picked

We also visited the Riverwalk Museum. They say it has an aquarium there, but I won’t call it an aquarium, I would say it’s has a few turtles and fish exhibits. The museum was nice, it provided nice information about Mississippi, the flood of 1927, and cotton picking.

Lee and I attempted to walk the Riverwalk Nature Trail with the dogs, but unfortunately after half a mile the bridge was washed out and there was no way to continue. Based on the debris in the area, that bridge was washed out years ago. They need to put a sign up saying trail is closed.

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