Summer of Red Bay – How to Prepare ,Things To Do and Places to Eat

Step 1: Stock up on Alcohol. Red Bay is located in a Dry County, don’t make the same mistake Lee and I did.
Step 2: Stock up on Alcohol. There isn’t much to do in Red Bay, socializing nightly is very common and it’s always more fun with alcohol as long as you don’t drive into a bay.
Step 3: Be flexible. You never know how long it is going to take to get into a bay.
Step 4: Know that you will be driving into Belmont MS often. Belmont has better restaurants than Red Bay.
Step 5: Stay positive, there are worst places to be.
Step 6: Be realistic. If you have a list of 40+ things to be fixed, don’t assume you will be in and out in 3 days. Especially if you are coming at a busy time.
Step 7: Enjoy your weekends, use that time to get away, relax and sleep in.


  • Watch the caravan of RVs drive into a bay every morning at 7am
  • Stand by the time clock and welcome the employees to work and cheer for the ones running late to make it to the clock on time.
  • Play cards in the lounge
  • Work on a puzzle in the lounge
  • Stop by the Little Stitch on 4th Street (downtown Red Bay) and get yourself Roughing it Smoothly towels.
  • Take a day to go hike beautiful trails at Tishomingo State Park.
  • Check out Dismal Canyon
  • Take a night hike at Dismal Canyon and check out the Dismalites on a night tour.
  • Check out Cane Creek Canyon
  • Go to Tupelo and visit Elvis’s Birthplace –
  • Eat at Blue Canoe, Harveys, or Mugshots in Tupelo
  • Go to Florence and visit the Frank Lloyd Wright – Rosenbaum House
  • Eat at The Big Bad Breakfast and order the pancakes in Florence
  • Go to the Rattlesnake Saloon, after 5 if you want alcohol
  • Visit Helen Keller’s Birthplace
  • Visit Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
  • Visit the Coon Dog Cemetery
  • Stock up on non-perishables at the Dollar General Marketplace (no they are not expired)
  • Go to the movies in Tupelo
  • Get a Movie at the Red Box at the Dollar General Marketplace in Red Bay
  • Go to Costa Oaxaquena in Belmont
  • Have pizza at Homemade Pizza in Belmont
  • Eat at the Sparks Diner
  • Take the Tiffin Factory Tour
  • Take the Tiffin Paint Tour in Belmont
  • Go say hi To Bob and get your cabinet door autographed and picture taken with him
  • Take advantage of the fact you are with a bunch of other Tiffin owners, get to know them, learn from each other and make new friends.
  • Organize block party potlucks
  • Eat at Swamp Johns
  • Eat at 4th Street Grill
  • Eat at Mason Jar on Main
  • Eat at Cardinal drive thru
  • Eat at a real Sonic in Belmont
  • Eat at Dixie Queen in Belmont
  • Eat at Reeves Steakhouse
  • Have breakfast at the General Store
  • Take a day trip to Huntsville Space Center
  • Take a weekend trip to Memphis
  • Binge watch tv shows
  • Get a game of Cornhole going
  • Visit the Red Bay Museum
  • Go shopping in the Allegro Club
  • Go shopping in the Parts store
  • Google the area and find something to do that I didn’t


Red Bay, Alabama:

Mason Jar on Main – only open Thursday – Sunday, and not open all day. So you have to check the hours. The food was good, but the menu changed on Sunday and most times we tried to eat there, they were closed.

4th Street Steakhouse – not open on Sundays. Food is ok, nothing special. Salmon was good, Beef Tips over Noodles were good, 

Subway, McDonalds, Jack’s and Cardinal. – Subway and McDonalds are fine to eat at. Pass on Jack’s, very greasy and Cardinal is a poor man’s Sonic, so not bad.

Swamp John’s – we didn’t go, but was told they have good catfish.

Belmont, Mississippi:

Hometown Pizza – one of my favorite places. The pizza was awesome, especially the Philly Cheese Steak.

Costa Oaxaquena – has great Mexican food and buy one get one Margaritas and Beer on Tuesday and Thursdays. Don’t go there expecting good service, our first trips there had such bad service it was comical. The service did improve over time when different servers were hired.

Spark’s – known for there home cooked food but honestly I wasn’t too impressed. You can order off the menu, but most people just go through the serving line.  I will say there apple pie was good.

Dixie Queen – small little shack with good burgers. Lee and I ate there on our way home one night, It was a bit chilly. They didn’t have hot chocolate on the menu, but I asked if they had some anyways. Our waitress (the owners daughter) said they had the ingredients and would try making some for me. It was delicious.

Tupelo, Mississippi:

Mugshots – They are known for their hamburgers. Lee enjoyed his hamburger, mine came out lukewarm. Fun place to visit, but has a chain restaurant feel.

Blue Canoe – definitive dive bar. I had a Salmon BLT, wow was it amazing. Lee had a hamburger and loved it too. We ordered an appetizer but the waiter forgot to put it in, so we never got it and we are glad we didn’t because the serving sizes were large.

Harveys – was recommended by a local. High end steakhouse.

Florence, Alabama:

Big Bad Breakfast – highly recommend, especially if you like breakfasts. Definitely order the pancakes.

Tuscumbia, Alabama:

Rattlesnake Saloon – It’s in a cave, you can either walk down or take the truck down to the cave. Basically you you go for the atmosphere. It too, is only open Thursday – Sunday. And they only serve alcohol after 5pm. The food wasn’t bad not again nothing special.

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