Tiffin Tours – Red Bay, AL

Tiffin Motorhomes is the last family owned manufacturer of Motorhomes. It all started in a 1972, when a local RV company in Red Bay closed and Bob Tiffin bought it and built his first motorhome the Allegro.  You can take a tour of the Tiffin Factory Monday – Friday at 9:30am. They ask that you show up at the Tiffin Welcome Center at 9:15am.  During the tour you see every aspect of an RV being made. We were there as the 2020 models were coming out, so we got to walk through and see the new designs. We liked some things about the 2020s but not everything.

After your tour don’t forget to take a cabinet door to Bob to sign. Lee and I stopped by his office to say hi and have our cabinet door signed. It was fun meeting the owner and founder of Tiffin.

You can also walk thru a 1976 Allegro, one of Tiffin’s first motorhomes. I think they have come a long way, but I love the basic dash, green shag carpet, wallpaper and flowery fabric.

You can also take a tour of the Belmont Paint Factory. After the Motorhomes are finished being built in Red Bay, they are driven to Belmont, MS (just across the border) to the paint factory. What’s fun is seeing the solid gray buses being driven down the road on their way to be painted. The paint factory tour was interesting. They hire only women to put on the base vinyl piece that has the design for the paint job. They do this because by nature women are more detailed oriented. Each motorhome goes from one paint booth to another until everything has been painted. After that the diamond shield is put on the front cap and the motorhome enters a rain bath to ensure there are no leaks. Again we were there are the 2020 models coming out so we got to see the new paint options available.

Taking the tours is a good reminder of why mistakes happen. Motorhomes are built by hand and painted by hand. Whenever you have humans involved, human errors occur. Do I think Tiffin needs a better Quality Control department, yes. But in the end of the day, they are willing to fix the mistakes that happen. 

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