Muscle Shoals Sound Studio – Sheffield, AL

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio is a hidden gem in Sheffield, Alabama. It was one of the most influential recording studios in the world. It was were recording artists in the 70s came. What brought them here? The Swampers. The Swampers were the house band that everyone wanted to work with. The building is on Cher’s first album and actually the logo for the studio came from her album. The Rolling Stones illegally recorded Wild Horses, Brown Sugar and You Gotta Move in Muscle Shoals. They had no record permit only performance visas. The original baby grand is there. You can hear it being playing in the songs Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger, Tight Rope by Leon Russell to name a few. There is a hidden bar in the basement they used because the county was a dry county at the time. And artists were known to write songs in the bathroom. The studio has been authentically restored to it’s former glory thanks to a generous donation from Beats Electronics.

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