Beverly Beach Florida

Lee and I stopped at Beverly Beach to see an old friend and her baby. I’ve known Kate for years, as she was a dance instructor at Fred Astaire when I was taking ballroom dancing lessons. We got to spend a few days with her and her beautiful daughter. 

This park had sites facing the ocean and sites that were further back. We chose a site that faced the beach since we now have a huge window look out of, the benefit of the motorhome was that we faced the ocean and I was able to sit in the passenger seat and look out to the ocean. One morning while eating breakfast I notice dolphins swimming by.  I quickly grabbed our camera and long lens and captured my favorite picture ever, a dolphin jumping. 

We did take the dogs down to the ocean. Scarlet had a great time playing in the water, she would swim out a little bit and run with Lee down the beach.  Akiro had fun running down the beach, but the minute Lee turned to go to the ocean, Akiro would hit the breaks. He wanted nothing to do with the water. 

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