The Florida Keys

We spent the month of April in the Florida Keys, we stayed at the same park we stayed at last year, Jolly Roger. The best part is that we got to meet up with old friends, we met here a year ago and their dog, Lucy. Lucy loved Lee, she adored him each night we would go watch the sunset. We also met new friends from Colorado, whom we hope meet up with when we head out west.

Sunsets in the Keys are gorgeous. Lee enjoys taking his camera equipment out and taking pictures of the pelicans and sea gulls before the sunset. One of the first days we were there we spotted a manatee that swam up to the marina. He hung out for a while before we lost sight of him. Another RVer was giving it fresh water from a hose, I had to remind them that interacting with wild manatees is illegal and giving them fresh water is also dangerous, because it fills there belly’s with water and then they don’t want to eat. Like dolphins, they get the fresh water they need from the food they eat.

Before we left, we decided to take the dogs to the Dolphin Research Center one at a time. We brought Scarlet first, she did ok, like last year she was interested in the dolphins, but unlike last year she was terrified every time the trainers blew their whistle. She panicked after awhile and just wanted to get back to the RV. Next was Akiro, he showed little interest in the dolphins. Many dogs don’t care about them because dolphins don’t smell. They would catch his attention is they jumped right in front of him or would make a noise. While there one of the trainers came up to Akiro, because she knew how to read animal behavior and Akiro was away from home, she was actually able to pet him. Lee and I were thrilled because it’s not often a stranger can pet him.

One of the coolest things we saw while there was a halo around the sun. It’s caused when there are very high very thin clouds. These clouds are made from ice crystals. They reflect and refract light giving the effect of a ring around the sun or a halo.

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