Momentum to Phaeton – Buying our Second RV

Lee and I came to Lazy Days campground in our Grand Design Fifth Wheel and left Lazy Days campground in a Tiffin Phaeton Motorhome.  

Our first RV – Grand Design Momentum 399TH: July, 28, 2017

In a year and a half of owning our Momentum, we stayed in 48 RV parks, visited 21 states, put 38008 miles on our truck and towed our fifth wheel 15,360 miles. Lee had put 26,647 miles on his Harley. Each vehicle served us well. We loved learning the RV lifestyle in our fifth wheel. It taught us what we like and what we don’t like in an RV. Our truck was a beast and towed our fifth wheel perfectly, which was its job and Lee and I had a great time and have many fond memories on the back of his Harley.

We loved our fifth wheel, so why did we make the change? For three reasons. First, we hated driving the dually as our everyday vehicle. Out west, driving a large truck around isn’t a problem, the roads are wider, the parking spots are bigger and it’s easier to drive around new cities. However, we discovered that the east coast and the older the city the harder it is to find parking. It got to the point where I was forced to take up 4 parking spots in some areas because I couldn’t park the truck any other way. We were tired of it getting hit, and having to find repair shops across the US. While we were in New Orleans, the truck got hit, which was a breaking point for us, the fact that our truck which was only a year and a half old already had 4 driver side quarter panels, and 2 bumpers killed us. Then while at Lazy Days Campground, I was trying to be nice and move the truck to avoid someone hitting us, well in doing so I smashed the driver’s side mirror into the kingpin and that was the ultimate straw that broke the camel’s back. We were going to do whatever it took to get rid of the truck

Secondly, Lee hated having to setup and tear down his office every time we moved. When we moved he had to tear everything down so we could store the Harley while traveling. Then, once we arrived, we had to take the Harley out and set the office back up. This process took Lee over half a day to do. Over time, it took it’s toll on Lee and I think he start resenting having to do this.

Third, the Momentum was 43 ft long, when we were hitched we were 60 ft long. The stress of moving it, the stress of getting to an RV park that claims we would fit, but in reality we barely fit. Moving wasn’t fun anymore, it became more of a chore and the stress that went along with it, just wasn’t worth it anymore.

So, we started talking about motorhomes, and since we had to drive through Florida to get to the Keys, we decided to stop at the largest RV dealer in the US and stay at their campground. We had no intentions of buying one, our plan was to just look.  Look at them all in one place so we could figure out if there was a motorhome that had a floorplan that worked for us. 

Lee and I had fun walking through every motorhome they had on the lot, regardless if we could afford it or not, because it’s fun walking through and looking at half a million dollar coaches. Then one Sunday, I was looking at the inventory list online and found a new motorhome we hadn’t seen yet, Monday morning, I found a sales person as ask to see this motorhome. They told me it is in the inventory lot, meaning it hadn’t even been checked in yet. I asked if I can still see it and they drive me over (yes the dealership is so big you have to use golf carts to get around). I stepped inside and immediately called Lee to have him meet me. This motorhome had everything we had been looking for an more.

It had the dinette, not the booth, for Lee’s office. It had extremely comfortable theater seats across from the TV (seating across from the TV was a must) – we later found out these theater seats were a prototype for another model. It was 40 feet long and was an all electric motorhome. It had the backsplash, I preferred, the layout we wanted and extras such as a solar panel, heated floors, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

I’m not going to lie, I cried when they towed the Momentum away and I saw Lee riding his Harley for the last time. But we love our new home, our dogs have adjusted well and it’s so much easier to park and set up. Plus it has a much more homey feel to it.

Our New Home: our second RV a Tiffin Phaeton 40IH: March 23, 2019

It is time to start making new memories in a motorhome that better fits our needs.

When you purchase a new RV at Lazy Days they have special park for people who already own one, which makes moving very easy. Basically it’s a party site where two RVs are next to each other and their doors face each other. We were able to keep the dogs in one RV while moving our stuff over. It helped make moving a smooth process. We also became members of the crown club, because of the motorhome we bought. The Crown club is nice because one of its perks is that you can go to the club house for breakfast, lunch and happy hour. So while we were moving I didn’t have to cook and we were able to eat all of our meals for free.

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