Lee and I spent 3 weeks in Ohio, we went back to help my parents move out of my childhood home into a new house they built that they can grow old in.  It was sad saying good bye to their old house but it was fun helping my parents get organized and situated in their new house.

The last picture taken in the house, Natalie, my parents dog.


We made last minutes plans to come back to Ohio, so finding a place to stay was a bit more difficult than anticipated, did I mention we came back Memorial Day Weekend?  We started at Cardinal Campground in Delaware, and is located right off 71.  Lee and I stayed here once before in the winter as they are one of the few campgrounds in Ohio that stay open all year.

Cardinal Campground doesn’t have a lot of amenities, but it does have a playground, indoor swimming pool and is also a shooting range, don’t worry the RV parking is a safe distance from the shooting range.  Sorry, no pictures of this campground.

Due to a shooting event, we had to leave so we moved the RV to Mansfield/Shelby KOA.  Lee mostly stayed here with the dogs, while I was in Columbus.  I would come home on the weekends and we would participate in the weekend activities they had planned such as a BBQ Cook Off and Wine and Cheese Night. They had many activities for children, a pool, basketball courts, paddle boats, a store, café and dog park.  There are cabins and yurts for rent too.

Mansfield/Shelby KOA:

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