Simple Storage Ideas for the RV

While we were in Ohio, we added some simple but effective storage solutions.  We struggled for months to figure out how to maximize the storage space in our RV.  I found some old crates at my parents house and discovered they work great in the RV.


An extra large crate works great in our upper cabinet. My crockpot fits perfectly inside and I can also store things on top and on the side too.

Regular crates work perfectly for my books. They no longer fall over. Plus I now can store things on top too.

Lee’s computer equipment fits in a crate. He has it zip tied down so it doesn’t move during transit and it is easy to get to. The cords are all contained and it tucks away nicely in a small nook in the loft.

I found these shelves in They fit the narrow counter and allows use to use the space more effectively.

Found this wire crate set and baskets to use in the corner of the RV, The furnace isn’t blocked and I have extra space for clothes.

Mounted spice rack! No more storing spiced in the pantry. Easy access for cooking and no worries when moving because the spices are secure.

Adjustable shelves in the cabinet. These cabinets are narrow and I love that these fit.

Broom stick and two suction cups to hold our weboost and wifi extender. It’s more effective being higher and it’s easy to put up and take down.


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