Two Dogs and an RV

One thing we were concerned about living on an RV, was how would our dogs react. They were used to playing in a two story 2000 sqft house and now they live in less than 500 sqft. Would they like it?  Would they have enough space?

We brought their toys and hoped for the best.  Luckily, our dogs love it.  They have their favorite toys and enjoy spending time out on the side patio, which we did get for them, and love using our bed and sofa as a spring board, as seen in the video.  They play chicken, where they stare each other down until one makes the first move, then they are off, running around the island up the 3 steps (most of the time jumping straight to the top) up on the bed to circle back through the kitchen up on the sofa,  out on the patio to start the cycle over again.

Not only do we love living on the RV, but it is obvious our dogs do as well.  I’m happy to have happy dogs.


Please note in this last picture, one of them, probably Scarlet decided to give the white tiger a bath by dropping it in her water bowl.

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