A Day in the Life of an RVer

Running errands while RVing is always fun because you have to look up everything, this is when Google and your GPS become your best friend. It’s not like when we lived in Columbus and I knew where every store was.  I have to rely on the internet or locals to tell me where everything however even the best laid plans cause you to drive in circles.

So today, our plans were to go to breakfast, get gas, get snacks for the game, find a bank, and wash the truck.  Our first trip down Malvern Ave was driving to breakfast, after breakfast we decided to head back towards the campground since we knew there was a gas station there where we could get gas and snacks for the game.  Well, that gas station didn’t have diesel, so we made our second trip down Malvern Ave to go to the Shell we had previously passed.  We got gas there but unfortunately didn’t their snack selection was lacking, so we drove further down Malvern Ave to go to a Neighborhood Walmart to get snack food. After that we drove back down Malvern to a local bank to get cash so we could wash the truck.  While there, we got an email, stating the campground was hosting trick or treat night.  We enjoy passing candy out to kids, so we back tracked again and went back to the Neighborhood Walmart to get Halloween candy for the evening’s festivities.  Finally, we were able to head to car wash near the campground, but not after driving down Malvern Ave one last time.  The nice surprise was there was a barber shop right next to the car wash, so while Lee washed the truck, I got my head shaved.

Trick or Treating was fun we had 27 kids stop by.  My favorite costume was a toddler dressed up as one of the 101 Dalmatians, he even had a puppy basket for the candy.   Our day ended with us watching the amazing OSU win over Penn State Game and celebrating with a campfire, roasting marshmallows and making Smores.  We brought Akiro and Scarlet outside with us, and discovered the dogs love Marshmallows.

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